7 Essential Gifts for Well-Groomed Gentlemen

7 Essential Gifts for Well-Groomed Gentlemen
June 11, 2017 Peter Minkoff
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Dating a well-groomed man definitely has its perks – you can be sure that he appreciates aesthetics, which is always more than welcome. However, you may come to a dead end when picking a perfect gift for him, simply because there are a lot of available products you actually know nothing about. If that’s the case – don’t worry! Stay with us and learn about seven essential gifts well-groomed gentlemen will appreciate.

7 Essential Gifts for Groomed Gentlemen

Maintaining a clean beard can require products like beard oils

A luxurious shaving bowl

If your man is into unusual and luxurious grooming goodies, he’ll definitely won’t mind getting a retro shaving bowl. There are so many possible options when it comes to craftsmanship, but we have to say that one made of porcelain is probably the best choice you can make. This is the ultimate wet shaving accessory, which will also look astonishing sitting on his bathroom shelf.

A quality straight razor for a perfectly groomed beard

A straight razor is an item every man wants to own, and the truth is that it is more than just a razor. Pieces like Dovo Solingen’s Bismarck are definitely worth mentioning, especially a model with the carbon steel blade that features 24k gold etching and the engraved ebony black wood scales. Intricate detailing makes this straight razor a true masterpiece in the world of grooming.

Dovo straight razor and brush in matching style

Beard trimmer on point

On the other hand, if your darling is more into latest technological innovations, you may want to get him a beard trimmer that’ll meet all his needs. Models like Philips’ Norelco are more than appropriate, especially if he’s always on the go. Integrated vacuum system will capture cut hairs, and therefore allow mess-free trimming, which is particularly important when there’s not much time for a grooming routine!

Beard oil is an absolute must

If your significant other is rocking a beard, you should know about this product that will help him keep it under control. We’re talking about beard oil – magical liquid that successfully deals with facial hair, tames it, and even moisturises the skin underneath the scruff. That’s pretty impressive, isn’t it? Needless to say, using it on a daily basis is vital, so make sure your man has it in his collection.

Beard oil can help a man enjoy the bearded life

A tube of styling cream instead of gel

Apart from taking care of their beard and/or moustache, men also need to pay attention to their hair. Apart from shampoo, there are also a lot of styling products they mustn’t neglect. If you think that gel is a perfect option, you may want to rethink your choice – take styling cream into consideration instead. It comes as a thick liquid in a tube, making it more than appropriate for curly haired men.

Stylish accessories for an urban man

Urban men definitely need some stylish accessories that’ll flawlessly complement their well-groomed facial hair. Leather goods are always a good idea since they represent timeless chic that’ll never go out of style. That’s exactly why you should opt for quality Italian wallets as a fabulous gift for your loved one. A bold, two-tone bifold wallet made from calf leather is probably one of the best picks, so make sure to check it out.

Italian style, impeccably designed forever

A skincare set for his everyday routine

Last but not least, your significant other certainly needs a set of skincare products appropriate for his skin type. The truth is that men often need a little help when it comes to picking such products, and that’s exactly when you should step in and give him a hand. Look for natural brands out there, as they offers everything his skin needs throughout the day. From energising scrub and face wash to oil-eliminating cleanser, and fantastic herbal lotions, you won’t make a mistake if you pick something natural for your beloved!

Skin Under Control

As you can see, well-groomed gentlemen require a bunch of different products in order to keep their hair, beard, and moustache under control. Besides that, they also need appropriate skincare products and stylish accessories that’ll take their overall look to a whole new level. Just make sure you bear in mind our suggestions when you start looking for a proper gift, and you’re halfway there!

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