How To Wet Shave Guide

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Wet shaving (aka. classic shaving or traditional shaving) is a simple way of shaving with a lathered soap on the face. There are 3 steps: LatherShave and Rinse and the tools required are a shaving bowlshaving brushshaving soap and we highly recommend using a safety razor or straight razor.

Wet shaving has been around for as long back as we can remember. It’s called wet shaving because water is used in the process to produce the lather. It has become a lost art in modern years as multinationals push new more expensive cartridge shavers to increase their profit margins at the expense of shave quality! Let’s get into it to treat your face the way men were meant to and get your freshly shaved face to look like a boss.



shaving bowl holds the lather as you mix the soap with water. Shaving bowls come in many shapes, styles and materials; some people even use a mug. The best shaving bowl is one that doesn’t get too cold so when you apply the lather to your face everything is nice and warm – allowing your razor to comfortably cut the hairs.

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The best shaving bowl:

  • Is made of a material and shape that’s comfortable to hold
  • Stays sturdy so you can hold it firmly while mixing the lather
  • Stays clean without much maintenance

Porcelain is the most premium type of shaving bowl – it is a hard ceramic, very durable, unable to rust and impermeable – it conforms to all the requirements we need from a shaving bowl. Stainless steel is a great alternative to porcelain as it is also very easy to keep clean and slightly less expensive.


shaving brush allows you to mix the soap to produce a lather then apply it to your face. Shaving brushes can have badger, boar, horse or synthetic hair. Badger hair is the highest quality hair.

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A good shaving brush will:

  • Have soft hairs to treat your face gently
  • Retain water to apply the lather easily to your face
  • Retain warmth to keep the lather comfortable and effective

Badger hair brushes are generally regarded as the preferred material for shaving brushes: they can generally make a lather more quickly and retain more heat and water than brushes of other types. Boar brushes are slightly thicker hairs which require slightly more work to produce a lather and do not retain water as well as badger hair. Badger hair can be further classified in increasing level of quality as pure, super, fine and silvertip. Silvertip brushes will often retain more heat and water than a super badger brush.


Shaving soap lathers up to become foamy and nice to rub on your face. The foam gets between hairs and coats the skin so that irritation is reduced when you glide the razor over the skin. A shaving soap should be well scented to leave you smelling great and we recommend you try a few to see which one you would like to keep using. A good quality shaving soap can also leave your skin feeling fresh and reinvigorated afterwards.

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Put a small amount of shave soap into a bowl with a small amount of water. The amounts required vary with each shaving soap so trial and error will be required to learn how to work up the perfect lather. Too much water and the lather will not stick to your skin, too little water and the lather will not be enough to cover your whole face. Start with a small amount and add more water if the soap is not lathering sufficiently.


Your shaving process will differ depending on what type of razor you are using. In general everybody has a different preference for how to shave and we recommend to do whatever feels comfortable. Start slow and gradually increase the speed while making sure not to cut or nick yourself.


Rinse by splashing water on your face to remove remaining shaving cream and hairs. You can leave a small amount of soap on your face or reapply more to finish shaving any hairs that you missed. Once your face is clean you can apply a post-shave cream to reinvigorate your skin.



Wet shaving reduces red skin after shaving. You don’t need to touch your face with your hands, therefore irritation is reduced with less likelihood of skin conditions such as acne. Also, the brush allows you to coat the lather nice and gently against your face to care for one of your greatest natural assets.


Wet shaving allows you to shave closer to the skin because the lather makes your hairs soft and watery. Your razor will slice through hairs much more easily and comfortably than otherwise. A good quality shaving soap will leave you afterwards looking fresh, sharp, smelling great and ready to impress.


You can save lots of money on the cost of shaving cream and razor blade upkeep. A small amount of good soap when mixed with water can produce a lot of lather and last you months. Shaving with a safety razor is incredibly cost efficient as double edge razor blades can be purchased much more cheaply than cartridge replacements. On the high end, by purchasing a straight razor and learning how to hone you can potentially spend almost no recurring money on blade upkeep. In the long run wet shaving can save you a lot of money and give you a better shave at the same time.


safety razor is a great start for a beginner shaver. It allows you to shave simply just as nature intended. Alternatively, a straight razor can allow a greater level of control and sharpness for one seeking to obtain the highest quality shave possible. Click below to see our collection of high quality safety razors.

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