Men’s Guide to Winter Skin & Hair Care

Men’s Guide to Winter Skin & Hair Care
November 5, 2016 Peter Minkoff
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Low temperatures characteristic of winter are not to be neglected – you’ll have to change your skincare routine and prepare your skin for an upcoming season of winds and bad weather. If you don’t actually know how to accomplish that – stay with us. Here is a men’s guide to winter skin & hair care, so check it out!

Don’t forget to cleanse

The first step towards healthier skin during winter is cleansing. Contrary to popular belief, using ordinary soap is actually not the best thing you can use. In fact, such a product can dry out your skin more than liquid cleanser by stripping away its natural oils. Apart from looking lifeless and flaky, dry skin is bad because it leads to clogged pores, which can further result in blemishes and acne. That’s exactly where a good liquid cleanser should step in – it removes excess oil and accumulated dirt. Just make sure that you choose the one appropriate for your skin type – oily skin requires lightweight ones, while sensitive type needs a gentle, chemical-free cleanser.

Exfoliating to the rescue

Similarly to cleanser, a good body scrub is exactly what you need to get rid of that flakiness and dryness. In case you didn’t know, dead skin cells are constantly piling up on the surface of your skin, which inevitably leads to a dull and lifeless look. Exfoliating will help remove the dead skin and reveal the new, rejuvenated layer. This will unclog your pores to the max, therefore reducing the risk of acne breakout. Apart from that, body scrub will help you shave more efficiently. Does it get better than that? We don’t think so!

Moisturising is a must

Man With A Freshly Applied Lather Of Moisturising Cream

Man With A Freshly Applied Lather Of Moisturising Cream

The final step of winter skincare is moisturizing, and it’s extremely important that you do it right. Your skin simply needs to be hydrated and nourished all the time, because of the low temperatures, wind, and bad weather that make everything worse. When it comes to choosing the right moisturiser, it’s important that you opt for the one appropriate for your skin type, similarly to choosing a cleanser. Guys with oily skin should pick light moisturizers, those that won’t make their skin look even oilier. On the other hand, men with sensitive skin type should opt for heavier, creamier products that’ll lock in the moisture and prepare the skin for cold winter days.

Take proper care of your hair

Low humidity levels, as well as the wind, will probably dry out your hair during winter. These remove your hair’s vital moisture, which can really damage your hair, so be careful with the products you choose to use. Investing in good quality shampoos and conditioners is always a good idea, especially when it comes to high-end ones. Choose some of the best L’Oreal professional hair products and you won’t make a mistake. These will provide shine to your hair and prevent it from breakage.

A close shave

If you’re one of those guys who just love the clean-shaven look, you definitely know that the struggle is real! Accomplishing that look is definitely not easy; however, it can be done in just a few simple steps. The most important thing is that you shave right after a hot shower, since it’ll open your pores and make your hairs much softer. Using a good shaving cream will surely save you some time – just massage it into the hairs and let the razor glide. Don’t forget to use a cooling balm and moisturiser afterwards – in order to keep your skin protected from the wind and low temperatures.

Man Shaving With A Straight Razor & Shaving Cream

Man Shaving With A Straight Razor & Shaving Cream

Even though you have probably thought that keeping your skin and hair healthy over winter is almost impossible to accomplish, we believe that now you think different. We hope that our skin & hair care guide will help you deal with everything properly, so good luck with picking the right products!

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